Watchful eyes: a community police officer in Amhara State—with the former leader of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, looking down from behind. ODI / Lisa Denney. Some rights reserved.

Redefining community policing to achieve results

(UKAID Report) — In November 2014 the UK Department for International Development suspended a £62.5m police-reform programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This followed a United Nations report which found sections of the police force there responsible for the murder of civilians during a crackdown on gangs in 2013-14. Making policing more citizen-friendly […]

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Lessons Learned from the African Union Mission in Somalia

A Pentagon report blames Ethiopian regime’s atrocities for the creation of Al Shabab April 7, 2015 (Joint Special Operations University and the Center for Special Operations Studies and Research)  — Ethiopian soldiers were accused of committing a wide range of atrocities, including firing mortars on civilian hospitals, press institutions, and houses, and rape, theft, kidnapping, and […]

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Irreechaa Arfaasaa Tulluu Furii 2015 (4)

Irreechi Arfaasaa Tulluu Furiitti Kabajame

Ebla 7, 2015 (Oromedia) Irreechi Arfaasaa haala hooáa fi gammachiisaan Dilabat Ebla 5, bara 2015 Tulluu Furii irraatti kabajameera. Maddi keenya Finfinnee akka nuuf gabaasetti, Ayyaana Irreechaa Arfaasaa Tulluu Furii irraatti kabajamee kana irratti ummati hedduun argameera. Akka aadaa Oromootti, Irreechaan yeroo bonni dhumatu kabajamu kun nagaan bona keessa darbanii gara gannaatti dhiyaachuuf Waaqa itti galateeffatanii dha. Abbootiin […]

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Aden has seen fierce fighting in recent days

UN: 100,000 new displaced in Yemen since strikes began

UNICEF says majority of those that have fled their homes since conflict escalated are women and children. (Aljazeera) — More than a 100,000 people have fled their homes after Saudi-led coalition air strikes began in Yemen, according to UNICEF. A spokesman from the UN agency, Rajat Madhok, told Al Jazeera that most of those who […]

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Qarmammee Ebla 2015: By Daandii Ragabaa

Qarmammee Ebla 2015: By Daandii Ragabaa

Qarmammee Eblaa keessatti miseensota ABO sadii qabadhee dhiyaadheera. Sadan isaanii gaaffii dhimma qabsoo fi galii qabsoo Oromoo irratti isaaniif dhiyaateef deebii kennan qaban. Isin hoo maal jettu? Daaw’adhaatii, bakka jirtanitti waliin maryadhaa; akeekaa fi galii qabsoo Oromoo irratti hubannoo ifaa fi qulqulluu qabaadha! Yaada keessanillee itti eda’aa; Daaw’annaa Gaarii!! Daandii Ragabaa

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Harar unchanged: Inside Ethiopia’s timeless city of mosques

(CNN) The ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia is a hard place to forget: the silent maze-like alleys, the scents of the markets, the handsome women carrying intricately woven baskets atop heads, the muezzins calling the Muslim faithful to prayer. It’s remained seared in my consciousness since my first visit in 2004. I […]

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Ibsa Bu’ura Muslimoota Oromoo Irraa Kenname

Muslimooni  Itoophiyaa  hacuuccaa mootummaan biyyattii irraan gayaa jiru ufirraa faccisuuf qabsoo karaa nagayaatiin  geggeessaa jiraniif,  ummatootni nageenna jaaltan  kanneen addunyaa martinuu   sagalee tumsaa akka dhageessisanii bira dhaabatan,  jaarmayni Bu’ura Muslimoota Oromoo Waashington DC fi naannawa hundee taasifate  kabajaa guddaan  gaafata.  Mootummaan Itoophiyaa murna amantii kan ilaalcha addaa qabu Lebnaan irraa biyya seensisee, ummata Muslimaa wayyaba […]

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Tribesmen stand on a military vehicle they took from an army base in Shihr city of Yemen's eastern Hadramawt province April 4, 2015. REUTERS/Omer Arm

Houthis make gains in Yemen’s Aden, approach port

By Mohammad Mukhashaf ADEN (Reuters) – Houthi fighters and allied army units clashed with local militias in the southern Yemeni city of Aden on Sunday, and eyewitnesses said gun battles and heavy shelling ripped through a downtown district near the city’s port. The Houthi forces have been battling to take Aden, a last foothold of […]

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Professor Donald N. Levine, central figure in Ethiopian studies, passed away

Professor Donald N. Levine, central figure in Ethiopian studies, passed away

Ethiopian scholar and lover of Ethiopia  died yesterday at the age of 84 Donald Nathan Levine (born June 16, 1931) is an American sociologist. He was a central figure in Ethiopian Studies. He is an author of: * Wax and Gold: Tradition and Innovation in Ethiopian Culture * Social Theory as a Vocation. Transaction Publishers: Piscataway, New Jersey, August […]

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Fighting intensifies in the streets of Yemen’s Aden

Houthi rebels battle for southern port city as Saudi-led coalition drops aid to forces backing President Hadi (Aljazeera) — Rebels have engaged in intense street battles with forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden. The UN Security Council is set to meet on Saturday to discuss a Russian proposal […]

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OPDO 25th Anniversary Celebration in Finfinnee

Boycotting the secretive 25th Anniversary plan of OPDO

(Oromo Community in Sweden) OPDO – the TPLF creation in Tigray out of POW’s amongst Dergue’s soldiers have been ordered by their masters to claim the Oromo area of Darraa as their place of foundation until this year, 2015. This year, they are once again ordered by their masters to shift their place of birth […]

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Ethiopian embassy in Yemen shelled

Aprile 3, 2015 (World Bulletin) — “Our investigations show that this was not a deliberate attack,” ministry spokesperson Tewolde Mulugeta told The Anadolu Agency. The Ethiopian embassy in Yemeni capital Sanaa was shelled on Friday, the Foreign Ministry has said. “We believe it is a collateral damage occurred in the crossfire between the warring factions […]

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Empowring Macha Tulama

Objective To empower Macha Tulama Cooperative & Development Association (MTA) so that the organization can achieve its mission. Mission The mission of MTA is to advocate for sustainable cultural and socioeconomic development in Oromo society with a focus on rebuilding indigenous national institutions based on Oromo democratic tradition and values such as the Gadaa system. […]

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ኣቶ ኣባይ ፀሃዬና ወያኔዎች ሆይ! በዋልታ ሃሰት ፋብሪካ ኣማካኝነት ኣዲስ ፈብርካችሁ ለማሰራጨት ያሰባችሁት የማስተባበያ ድራማ የኦሮሞን ህዝብ ልብ ሊገዛላችሁ ኣይችልም!

(ቦሩ በራቃ) | Ebla 3, 2015 ለራስዎም በወጉ መመከር የነበረብዎት የ‘ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ’ ‘ኣማካሪ’ ኣቶ ኣባይ ፀሃዬ ሆይ! የፍንፍኔን ማስተር ፕላን ተግባራዊነት ኣጉዋተቱ ባሉዋቸው የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ወገኖች ላይ ያቺን ኣነጋጋሪዋን ‘ልክ እናስገባለን’ ቃልዎትን ከሰነዘሩ እነሆ 50 ቀን ገደማ ሆነው። 50 ቀን ማለት ባለስልጣናት ነን ለሚሉት እንደርሶ ላሉ ‘የኣገር መሪዎች’ ቃል ማረሚያ ኣንደ 50 ኣመት የሚቆጠር ረጅም […]

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